About Us

Vital Health & Wellness Center is committed to helping people achieve their weight loss goals. A physician supervised weight loss program offers individuals a safe, effective customized plan to lose weight, and maintain it. The benefits are greater than outward appearance alone, as minimal weight loss is able to decrease the incidence of a multitude of diseases. Since the majority of the US adult population is struggling with being overweight or obese, it is necessary to establish a long-term relationship with professionals who are specially trained to handle this complex issue.

Choosing the right weight loss center is a very important decision. Vital Health & Wellness Center is owned and operated by Dr. Karla Vital, who is a member of the Obesity Medicine Association. The Obesity Medicine Association (formerly known as the American Society of Bariatric Physicians), is a professional association for physicians and other providers that treat and manage overweight and obese patients and their related conditions.

Dr. Karla Vital is a Board Certified Medical Bariatrician who specializes in helping individuals lose weight. Dr. Vital is also a Board Certified Nephrologist, who is used to dealing with complicated medical problems such as diabetes mellitus, hypertension, sleep apnea, and kidney disease, which may result from obesity.

Dr. Vital also specializes in helping individuals considering gastric surgery, or who have had weight loss surgery and need personalized education. She communicates closely with your primary care provider or surgeon, to provide a comprehensive plan of action. Learn more about Dr. Vital.

Losing weight involves more than will power, so arm yourself with the tools you need to be successful. Make an appointment today to learn how we can help you.

Our Team

At Vital Health & Wellness we are dedicated to your weight loss success. Our professional staff are motivated to help you achieve your goals over a safe, reasonable timeframe. We develop customized treatment plans for each individual, and offer special plans for vegetarians, persons with gluten insensitivity and food allergies. Our knowledgeable staff will help guide you through this journey, and offer encouragement and resources along the way. Each treatment plan is designed by Dr. Vital, and incorporates lifestyle and food style choices that will lead to permanent weight loss.

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